Life Happens Out of the Freezer

Open a SCREAMIES ice-scream wherever you are in the world - it never melts!

For Your Everyday Adventures

SCREAMIES No-Melt Ice-Scream isn’t like other ice creams.

Made with love and backed by science, our shelf-stable no-melt recipe means you can eat SCREAMIES anywhere, anytime. 

So grab a spoon, dig in, and savour the flavour of 100% Australian cream (plus other premium ingredients) on your next adventure. 

SCREAMIES is the joy of ice-scream at unexpected moments – wherever life takes you. 

Australian Made. Authentic Taste.

SCREAMIES No-Melt Ice-Scream is made with 100% Australian cream and no artificial colours and flavours for a real creamy ice cream taste. 

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Screamies Icons Gluten Free 1 | Screamies
Gluten, Nut & Soy Free
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100% Australian Made & Owned
Screamies Icons No Melt | Screamies
No-Melt Shelf-Stable Formula
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No Artificial Colours & Flavours
Screamies Icons Calcium | Screamies
Source of Calcium
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100% Recyclable Packaging
HALAL v2 | Screamies
Certified Halal
KOSHER v2 | Screamies
Certified Kosher Dairy*
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High Protein

*SCREAMIES Strawberry is not certified as kosher dairy.


No Melt. Real Ingredients.

The SCREAMIES no-melt formula is as creamy and as satisfying as regular ice cream – even when it’s out of the freezer! 

The best part? It’s free from chemicals and emulsifiers often found in ice creams. 

For Adventures Today and Tomorrow

SCREAMIES No-Melt Ice-Scream isn’t like other frozen treats.

All SCREAMIES packaging is 100% recyclable. 

When you choose SCREAMIES, you’re saying yes to more taste and less waste.